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How Shoe companies are becoming more Sustainable

Shoe Sustainable

Have you ever thought about what happens to your old, worn out running shoes?

Some people would throw them away. Others might donate them to charity outlets. But have you ever considered recycling them into something new?

Manufacturers are doing just that by using recycled materials, particularly plastics, to build shoes that are as good as new. Some of them are even selling these shoes at the same price or cheaper than regular ones.

Why is sustainable design important?

When you buy a shoe, it’s designed to last for years of comfortable use. Sometimes, though, they don’t make it that far. At some point, maybe because you changed your lifestyle, the shoe starts looking old and scruffy.

Instead of buying another new pair of running shoes, wouldn’t it be more satisfying to whip out those old ones and turn them into something new again? Sounds like a good idea for both your conscience and wallet!

What can I do to help?

While recycling used footwear might sound like an expensive process, some manufacturers have figured out how to reuse this material affordably. Companies such as Nike and Adidas have even reduced the cost of these recycled shoes, selling them at the same price as conventional running shoes.

To help sustain the rate of recycling and manufacturing, some companies even accept old shoes through their customer service lines or retail outlets. Some charity shops might also be open to accepting your old shoes for recycling.

So how can I do my part?

There are several ways that you can contribute to sustainable design in order to save energy, time, money, resources –and keep our landfills free from waste! Here are a few simple steps you can take today:

  • Donate your old or unwanted runners to charity outlets instead of throwing them out
  • When buying new footwear, opt for ones that have been made for sustainability
  • Ask your family and friends to do the same

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